Denali National Park Is Best Known For Its Highest Peak Essay

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Denali National Park is best known for its highest peak, Denali, or “the high one”, that reaches 20,320 feet tall. Each summer, tourists flock to the park, jump on tour buses, and cruise along the roads in guided tours to sightsee. Each year, more than 400,000 people visit the park to hike, catch a glimpse of the highest peak, see animals, and much more. In 1917, after many efforts, many headed by naturalist Charles Sheldon, Denali National Park was created. The park holds many wonders, like the aurora borealis, but is most well known for its wolf population. There are three main packs in Denali: Grant Creek, Nenana Canyon, and East Fork. Many park visitors come hoping they will get the chance to see one of these famous wolves. But recently, the wolf population in Denali National Park has been surrounded by controversy. Denali National Park along with members of the public have been fighting the Alaska Board of Game to establish a hunting free buffer zone along park boundaries in effort to maintain the wolf population that has recently began to fall. While many see a large significance in the loss of just one wolf, the Board of Game believes that the wolf population naturally rises and falls, regardless of the hunting and trapping of the animals. Though after the recent drastic drop in the Eastern pack’s numbers, the concern for the Denali wolves is growing. Concern first grew when the amount of wolf sightings by park visitors began to drop. The viewing of wildlife is a…

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