Demographic Sc The Sunglass Industry Essay

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Demographic Scan: The sunglass industry views middle to high-class male and female millennials as the most popular segment to target. The two main reasons individuals purchase sunglasses is for the aesthetic appeal and for functional reasons. Aesthetics encompass how the sunglasses look and how they make the individual feel. More than four in ten Millennials agree that it is important to buy products that make you feel good about yourself and one in four Millennials buy products that make them “stand out” (Mintel Group Ltd. #1). Functionality also is important when it comes to consumers choosing a product in the sunglass industry. Durability, quality, and adequate UV protection are factors that help consumers narrow down their purchasing decisions. However, price is also a large deciding factor in the buying process. “I can 't afford it” and “I would feel guilty” were the top two reasons for consumers to not buy designer merchandise (Mintel Group Ltd. #2) (Exhibit 8). For this reason, consumers are more likely to opt out of functionality, as they increase the product’s price most of the time. Consumers are much more interested in the feel good factor which is important for both genders in their 20s (Mintel Group Ltd. #2).
Geographic location and lifestyle are two other factors affecting the sunglass industry. Sunglass purchases are determined by seasonality, weather conditions, and lifestyle. Individuals residing in Canada and the US tend to purchase sunglasses from January…

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