Democracy : The Best Form Of Government Essay

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Most consider democracy to be the best form of government. Like all other forms government, it still requires a certain amount of faith to be placed in the officials’ elected, though, in democracy, people have a greater role than in other forms of government. A democracy also requires an informed population on issues within politics, which is generally provided by the press. This point in history marks an especially divisive era between ideologies and a movement of populism. Candidates from both extreme sides of the political spectrum gathered a significant following and our president elect may be one of the most hated elected presidents in recent history. But how do the officials elected to power and prominent figures in the media effect the ideas of the voter? Clearly, certain amount of faith must be upheld by the elected officials for a democracy to function and for the electorate to have faith in the system. They have a duty a guide society for the common good of all, and for the sake of humanity, at least theoretically. Politicians and our media shape the tone of society, as their personal moral affect the beliefs of the public, and the way they frame issues alters the perception of events leading to an increasing intolerance and the divisiveness in this country.
Figures within the media and who hold public office have an obligation to dutifully and honestly serve the greater interest of the public in their position of power. Those who hold a position of influence owe…

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