Democracy During The Jackson 's Presidency Essay

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1. Although during Jackson’s presidency some things were made more democratic, I believe the ladder of his decisions outweighed these points and summarized his election to one where the majority of people lost their voice in the government. His level of democracy was increased by the abolitionist movement, where individuals such as William Lloyd Garrison tried to outlaw slavery and the women’s rights movement, where women began to speak out for gender and slavery equality. Both these examples opened up more possibilities for those living in this time period but, these movements were caused by the people and not Jackson. I believe that democracy decreased in Jackson’s time period because the events or changes that he implemented caused a greater decrease in democracy than the increase that ordinary people created. The most significant example of this would be the Trail of Tears. In the time of Indian removal, Jackson refused the proposition of having the Indians assimilate to white culture and Christianity or having the Indians keep their land, he decided that the Indians must be moved west. When the Cherokee tried to rightfully fight back, Jackson decided to move them forcibly, in the Trail of Tears. On this journey 4,000 Cherokee people died. Additionally, Jackson’s spoils system shows the loss of democracy. Jackson fired almost ten percent of federal workers that were employed under Adams and he hired his friends. The Nat Turner Rebellion also shows the loss of people’s…

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