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Tramond Taylor Dr. Clements Popular Literature February 27, 2011 Eduora Welty Delta Wedding In the Short Story by Eduora Welty Delta Wedding the family seems to build this boundary that seperates them from the outside world. In my paper I will discuss some of the things I believe to be members stepping over the boundary that the family has seemed to build over the years. There is a character named George. George is spoken in a positive manner by the Fairchild family. It is because

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Like I stated before the Fairchild family protect themselves with their boundary that they created that secures them from the outside world from infiltrating. Ellen is the wife of Battle Fairchild and has experience of being an outsider and knows how hard it is to become and be accepted as a Fairchild. Robbie is considered an embarassment to the family and the family still sees her as an outsider while Troy is judged as an unfit husband for Dabney and is on the verge of remaining an outsider to the Fairchild family.
The novel Delta Wedding shows a family with conflict and struggle within the family itself, the individuals and the outsiders trying to break down that family boundaries. George, however, has been the only member to over step that boundary that the family has built. He crossed is on both a physical and emotional sense. He separated himself from the ties that tried to bind him to the family norm. While Dabney on the other hand worried so much on what the family may think of her. She even took time to think about it before her wedding. Dabney isn’t as strong minded it seems as George so it causes mental conflict for her and the family. The boundary seemed to somewhat balance the world to the family and any outside distractions could cause harm to that
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