Essay Dehumanization Of The Holocaust And The Rwandan Genocide

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Dehumanization is the psychological or physical process of degrading the targeted group, making them seem less than human and hence not worthy of humane treatment. Dehumanization can lead to increased violence, human rights violations, war crimes, and genocide. Dehumanization is prevalent in almost every case of genocide, the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide are two very good examples. Jews in the Holocaust were treated as subhuman and murder so germans would benefit. The Hutus were dehumanized and killed so Tutsis could prove superiority and gain power in Rwanda. A few ways both the Hutus and Jews were dehumanized was being named sub humanly and had their lives taken, in both cases were for the superiority and benefit of the Tutsis or nazis. Night shed light on how Jews as well as a variety of other people deemed undesirable were mistreated and dehumanization by Nazis. To begin with, the section starts out with the transport of the simple labors to a work camp: Buna. “All The Skilled Workers had already been sent to other camps only about a Hundred of us simple laborers were left” (Wiesel 47). This is an indication of dehumanization because they treated jews like there only use was there physical labor, all emotions were disregarded, diminishing their self worth and forcing them into hard labor, like a slave. The gates of Buna are another example because the gates read “work will set you free” Humans are thought to be born with freedom, but in these camps even the…

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