Deforestation Is A General Deterioration Of Land Deforestation

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Land degradation is a general deterioration of land, decreasing its productivity and biodiversity. The causes of land degradation include the deforestation, cropland agriculture and overgrazing and it affects up to 1/3 of the world’s people. The United States is not freed from the negative impact that overgrazing has on our soil capability to continue supporting crops and livestock. The overgrazing has impacted the semi-arid Midwestern states and ranchers know about the need to rotate livestock from site to site to conserve grass cover and soil fertility. Today, more ranchers are searching for ways to raise livestock more sustainably while taking care of the land. Iowa and Illinois use the soil conservation practices of no-till and cover crops farming, hence their rich topsoil and less soil degradation. Iowa is second after Illinois under no-till farming. Kentucky uses no-till farming methods on over half of their farmland. Their use of the no-till technique resulting in less degraded soil, allow the Midwestern states to regrow plants to produce enough food for themselves and for the neighboring states population. Yet making the food supply sustainable depends on maintaining a healthy soil to support the food production and the livestock. Whereas, Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular Kenya, is an example of desertification because the grazing exceeds the sustainable supply of grass by 30 percent. To avoid the burden on rangelands, Kenya is feeding the livestock with crop…

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