Definition Of Knowledge Is Power Essay

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Knowledge is power. That phrase has always resonated soundly within me, and even remained pertinent to subjects I didn’t enjoy; I have never been a fan of psychology, perhaps due to the feelings of scrutiny I undergo when in classes whose goal is to delve into the human mind (my own brain is a private matter, personally), but I still hold an appreciation for any chance to expand my knowledge. I’ve held this opinion towards information for as long as I can remember, as for some reason learning has always come naturally for me, along with a natural desire to read and reflect, explore and study- the memorization of a plethora of paleontological taxon quite effortless in concurrence with my interest in extinct creatures. It is for these reasons that this unit resonated with me more thoroughly, and why I hope to convey how I learn in relation to the concepts that have been outlined in class. For example, one of my first memories of learning something new was watching my father paint, or build a scale diorama, observing the fine detail he put into each process; I frequently would sit down with a large pad of paper and a box of broken crayons, or arrange any number of my plastic animals in an attempt to create a life-like scenario, trying replicate what he did. Observational learning is, of course, one of the prime factors in development, both at a young age and throughout life (Huffman, 2012). In more recent defense of this, I can recall my high-school shop classes, where I…

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