Definition Of Acting Freely By Stephen Law Essay

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I believe that when I enrolled in PHIL 150, I acted freely. This is not to say that I acted in a way in which I controlled everything as there are external forces that could have taken place that swayed my decision of choosing PHIL 150, however, I simply state that the final decision was made by me after taking into account what the course entailed and if or not I 'd enjoy it. I will elaborate on my answer using the following three arguments; Determinism, Libertarianism and Compatibilism.

Well first before I talk about these three positions, I must first define my definition of acting freely. My definition of acting freely is the ability to have and make decisions when under no circumstance an external actor, rule or law can stop you from performing that action. Now I will explain the three positions that I stated earlier. Determinism as stated by Stephen Law is "given that full knowledge of the state of the universe a million years ago, plus knowledge of the laws of nature a physicist could, in principle, predict everything that has ever happened since, down to the movement of the very last atom." (Stephen Law, 2003, p.164). This view is mainly that of hard determinism, however, it is the underlying of all forms of determinism. In this case determinism would make the claim that I was unable to act freely in choosing PHIL 150 and that it was already pre determined as governed by the forces of law and nature. The second position, supernatural soul Libertarianism as…

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