Quality Of Humility

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According to Merriam-Webster, humility defines as the quality or state of showing humbleness. Humility, sometimes misunderstood and perceived as putting oneself down or in other situations thinking that someone shows better characteristics than someone else. Obsequiousness understood as not to call attention to oneself or do actions for praise; however, self-abasement should not make one feel worthless. Not everyone has the ability or manner to show humility. It displays itself via favorable reception, complete selflessness, and absolute satisfaction.
I typically define humility as a lack of pride and self-love. To me, this characteristic means the world; having many different characteristics, but some that stick out the most include: humbleness, meekness, and assertiveness. It can also show as a quality of respectfulness towards others. Boastfulness known as the
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For example, accepting advice and regarding change with humbleness and appreciating the fact that the person took time out of their day to help others shows as a great form of this characteristic. The world makes it undeniable that everyone has flaws and has room for improvement. If someone offered advice, I believe one should always accept it, seeing if it has value before they allow themselves to push it away with a closed mind. People who let their pride get in the way and do not approach the situation with an open mind represent the exact opposite of what this stands for. Individuals must open their minds with humbleness to change and willingness to alter the deception and the world around them. Showing passiveness sometimes means to put pride to the side or at least lowering standards to become humble. People look at achievements, titles, and goals sometimes making this quality difficult to envisions; therefore, humility, a quality that sometimes remains uneasy to possess and it definitely does not come

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