Definition Essay : Contemporary Political Problems

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Contemporary Political Problems
Spring 2016

Ideology Essay Assignment

In brief: Write an essay, 1-1.5 pages long (typed, double-spaced), in which you describe your personal political beliefs and values or your lack of clarity or certainty about those beliefs and values. Due in class on Jan. 21, on one piece of actual paper.

In depth: In class we discussed several political ideologies. At the moment, which ideas do you find especially interesting, persuasive, or appealing? You might say “I’m a _____ because _____,” but you don’t need to. You do not need to write about a whole ideology, nor do you need to choose a label for your beliefs. It is more fruitful to identify and prioritize ideas or ideals that make sense to you or are important to you. Begin to explain why you believe what you believe, with the understanding that you’re not trying to persuade anyone to think the same way. Write about what interests you most. If you feel deeply confused, explain the nature of your confusion! Do not try to write about everything we discuss!

Purpose: This assignment is an opportunity for you to think deliberately about values you may hold without realizing it, or without conscious thought. For example, you may think you really value freedom, but maybe you can’t explain why. Or you can’t actually define freedom. This paper’s purpose is to get you to articulate what you believe and why.

Style: Be as formal or informal as you like, as long as you’re clear and don’t have so many…

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