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Article “Defining Racism” by Beverly Daniel Tatum talks points out many issues of problem of racism in our society. She concentrates on how people are exposed to information about other races and how stereotypes about them are introduced to us. This article applies to the sociology of ethnicity and race. The best of points of the article are the paragraphs where she explains reason why people are so influenced by stereotypes. First she mentions the problem of being isolated from other racial

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For some people that not familiar with the topic can assume that her statements are subjective and based on her own personal experiences. She mentions the White’s racial advantage and she refers to the term “White Privilege.” She says that Whites have access to better school, housing and job and can get a lot of social benefits and privileges. She points out that White person is most of the time viewed as a member of a racial group not an individual. The author makes a few statements which might seem irrational statements like: White person can be late for meeting or is not seen in the store as a potential thief. My first reaction after I read was “this is ridiculous.” I based my opinion on my own, everyday experience: I work at the bank and I react in the same way to all suspicious activities at my branch regardless of race of the suspect. When I think about it more I conclude that my opinions are different because of my background and the history I know. United States is very racially diverted country with history of racism, prejudice and racial segregation. I grew up in the culture where such divisions are irrelevant and they simply do not exist. Because of that I can understand if someone who is not familiar with topics of racism and social inequality might understand this article as a subjective and against Whites.
I chose this article because I became really interested in racial and social problems in United States. I was always ignoring problem
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