Decision Making Of A Nursing Essay

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Decision Making in Nursing
Nurses make decisions that have life and death implications (Payne, 2015). Nurses must be accountable for their decisions as well as the consequences of those actions (College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, 2012). Clinical decision making is a complex process that requires the nurse to draw from personal knowledge, client history, previous clinical experience, as well as intuition (Banning, 2008; Benner, 1984; Blum, 2010; Payne, 2015; Tanner, 2006). These decisions impact how efficiently, competently, and satisfactorily the client is treated (Etheridge, 2007). Decision making models have been developed to assist nurses with their critical thinking to ensure safe client care and improve client outcomes (Lauri & Salantera, 1995; Tanner, 2006). Due to the multi-dimensional process that decision making involves, using a framework to organize information, as well as evidence-based practice, ensures client safety and best practice (Lauri & Salantera, 1995). Using evidence-based practice to guide decisions promotes an optimal standard of care that nurses aim to achieve by keeping the client at the forefront of their care (Sandstrom et al., 2011).
In this paper, I will define and explore critical thinking and decision making in nursing practice and discuss three different clinical decision making models and their differences, similarities, and application. Additionally, I will discuss how evidence-based practice is defined in the literature and…

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