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“You Decide”: The Charter School LAN Upgrade Proposal
A plan to optimize and upgrade the Leonard Cooper network must first solve the current state of affairs. The results of interviews with four stakeholders reveal that:
1) the existing network gets very congested, collisions proliferate, and throughput slows down when teachers simultaneously report on attendance and check on email;
2) 50 networked printers still get all filled up;
3) existing network bandwidth is 10 Mb; 4) the HVAC technician thinks it would be really convenient to have wireless access points;
5) all 23 classrooms in the new wing need to be added to the network; 6) slow connections to the distant mail server;
7) desiring to integrate VoIP
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Running with Ethernet cabling will, with the implicit Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) dispute based media access control system, help lessen the issue of impacts. The CD method of appointing every system interface card (on the desktop PCs) an arbitrary time interim before endeavoring to re-transmit on the system should minimize crashes to a number that turns out to be practically imperceptible to clients.

To oblige future extension, the spine for the enhanced system ought to (as demonstrated above) be fiber optic. This grants space for adding VoIP to network administrations and overrides the issue of clog when the new-wing spine switch is turned on. Redesigning system cabling likewise dispenses with the separation's issue to the old-wing spine switch being too far (at 120 meters) for the moderate turned pair wiring as of now set up.

Better system arranging is required. For one, the authoritative staff is obviously representing a large portion of the over-burdening the 50 arranged printers are subjected to. Henceforth, the first phase of making the server homestead is to introduce a committed printer server keeping in mind the end goal to get out the restricted lines accessible on printers. Next, no less than four 24-port centers will be expected to connect the printer server to the current printers under the Ethernet transport topology and new printers that may be

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