Contrast The Relationship Between Iago And Othello

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Shakespeare’s play Othello, introduces the idea that our actions can both influence the world and the people around us. Iago, a main character in Shakespeare’s play, takes advantage of this idea to satisfy his own evil desires by manipulating others into his own twisted plan for revenge. Iago himself is psychopathic individual whose desires ultimately cause the downfall of characters such as Othello, and even Cassio who actually benefitted from Iago’s actions in the end. To accomplish his plan, Iago had to further his and Othello’s relationship and become the only trustful person in Othello’s eyes. As Iago attempts to accomplish this, his relationship with Othello evolves into something that can only be represented in literature. Although Iago …show more content…
Iago, having been passed up for the position of lieutenant begins to despise his once great friend Othello and begins his senseless plot for revenge. If Iago had truly been an evil person he would have been happy at the loss of the promotion for it would give him a reason to act upon evil impulses and desires and cause conflicts while he feels accomplished for what he had done. Our knowledge present during the beginning of the play does not allow us to make this connection however and we are left to make the connection that Othello and Iago had once been friends, but due to Othello’s careless decision, their friendship had dwindled and turned into a one sided hatred. Although Iago had let Roderigo into his plan for revenge, Othello was left oblivious to the whole ordeal which would ultimately cause him to fall victim to Iago’s plan and cause his downfall. Iago, not wanting to hint Othello, had simultaneously and purposefully played both the good and bad guy. He and Roderigo had let Othello’s illicit relationship with the governor’s daughter, Desdemona, be known to her father, thus initiating Iago’s plan. Iago returned to playing the good guy and quickly rushed to Othello’s side to tell him of the urgent news that the governor was out for his head, omitting that he was the one who had sparked the governor’s anger. At this point in the play it is obvious that Othello trusts Iago, despite possibly knowing the feelings Iago has towards him for being passed up for the promotion, and decides to settle the matter himself saying “Not I, must be found. My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly (No Fear Shakespeare 21).” Othello, having resolved the issue soundly by calling his lover Desdemona to his aid is now to be sent to a war bound country known as Cyprus and is to defeat the Turkish fleet. After hearing this, Iago plans his next move as he consoles his suicidal

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