Death, The Greatest Democracy Of All The Vital Functions Of An Organism ( Dictionary )

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Death. The end of life. The total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism ( Death is the absolute ending to a living thing. This concept at first is difficult to grasp. As a child, one doesn’t understand the finality of it. How does a more intellectually capable human explain to a young mind about this final event? Lies of a “long sleep” or “happy trip” are told to them to keep the idea simple. In reality though, the idea of death is a very complex notion that insinuates a juxtaposition of many other ideas. Therefore is death a good or bad thing? Or does it depend? Death is an idea worthy of further examination, necessary to unlock the true meaning and impact that it has on one’s life.
A standard fact is that death happens to everyone. Colum McCann in his novel “Let the Great World Spin” simply reveals, “Death, the greatest democracy of them all. The world’s oldest complaint. Happens to us all. Rich and poor. Fat and thin. Father and daughters. Mothers and sons” (107). Dying is an experience that each living organism must face. But one can never fully accept their own death. After all, it’s a part of human nature to want to stay living. At the same time though, everyone knows that their life will come to an end at one point. If death is to be anticipated for everyone, then is it somehow possible to have any control over the inescapable truth?
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