Death Of A Salesman The American Dream Essay

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The American Dreams is a set of ideals in which includes the freedom of opportunities for success and prosperity. Like Willy, Heidi’s mother expected a lot from her children's, to provide and help her because she has given her the opportunity of a better life, and yet, both their kids forsake them and ran away from their responsibility. Arthur Miller depicted society from a dream of freedom and opportunity into nothing but being like and having good look, a misguided path represented through the characteristic of Willy Loman. Initially, the American Dream for most is a sure way toward happiness, and the hope for success at a fortuitous future. In Willy Loman’s eyes, he view success as being likable, attractiveness, and wealth. It’s all superficial qualities that blinded Willy in the true importance of the dream, which then causes his own despair. When trapped in his own fantasy, Willy see everything going good, his …show more content…
In doing so, Willy’s dreams and fallacy of life does not impact Happy as much, causing him to be the only successful member in the Loman family. Willy has been striving for success for so long, he does not realize that he is drowning. His goal was to be able to climb out of his social status and into Ben’s, he knew he was a failure and tried everything he could so that his son's success will not cause them to end up like him, and in those moments, he lost his grasp on reality along with his mind.
To conclude, in The Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller depict the failure of the American Dreams toward the reader, and the effects it had on the Loman family. By giving problems the reader can relate too, Arthur shows how Willy has ruined his life, and taken down Biff’s life as well with his fallacy, and by doing so, he lets the reader connect easily with the

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