Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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Death of a Salesman: An American Nightmare The playwright Arthur Miller takes us on a journey into the lives of the Loman family in the play Death of a Salesman set in post war Brooklyn 1949, when Americans are striving for the American Dream reaches full force. The play is taking place during the last twenty-four hours of Willy Lomans life. The Lomans are family that consists of Willy the father, Linda his wife, sons Biff and Happy. The play starts in a gloomy setting with the Loman’s home crowded by apartment buildings. A home once with a yard filled with grass and trees. The house and the yard evolve over the course of Miller’s play, as does the family. What once was the American Dream for the Lomans, warps in time into the American Nightmare for the Loman family. The audience views the course the Lomans take as the play develops. High hopes and dreams give way to disillusionment and tragedy. Father Willy and son Biff are the central characters exemplifying the bond between a father and a son are important factors in a young man’s development. Linda and Happy are supporting characters. Biff looks up to Willy as the family is climbing the ladder to success. When Willy falls off the ladder, he takes Biff with him. The once American Dream the family is seeking replaced with the nightmare they are living when the play opens. First, Act 1 begins with Linda consoling Willy. Willy is a travelling salesman and the sales are not so good any more. Their lives are falling apart.…

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