History Of Death Metal Essay

Origins of The Plague Death metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal that started in the early to mid 80s. Most of death metal 's influence came from another sub-genre of heavy metal, thrash metal, a derivative of punk. A typical death metal band consisted of two heavily distorted and low-tuned electric guitars, one bass guitar, one double-bass drum-kit, and one deep growling vocalist. Lyrical themes can range from extreme violence, war, murder, anti-religion, Satanism, mysticism, folklore, science fiction, politics, and even history. Many fans believe the term death metal came from the eponymous title of a song written by a thrash metal band called Possessed in 1984. Lead singer, Jeff Becerra, said he came up with the term for an English paper he wrote in high school in 1983. Possessed is also widely considered to be one of the first death metal bands. One of the major influences to the formation of death metal, is new wave British heavy metal band, Venom. Venom formed in the late 70s in Newcastle, England. Their first album, Welcome to hell is considered a major influence, not only to death metal, but other sub-genres of metal.The title of their second …show more content…
A great example of this is a recent performance by Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. Following the NAMM show in 2011, writer evan Haga recounts the performance as, “primarily forward-looking jazz music—not even fusion, really—and the many metalheads in the house ate it up.” We can 't just talk about death metal without talking about other genres of metal. Metal itself is a very diverse genre, and often these sub-genres go hand in hand with each other. This includes sub-genres like black metal, folk metal, doom metal, sludge metal, grindcore, glam metal, alternative metal, nu metal, metalcore, industrial metal, power metal, and of course, thrash metal. A lot of these genres started to fuse with one another. Which then create new sub-genres of

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