Death Has Never Affected Me Essay

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time, I approached to the grave where she was wrapped in a white shroud and then taken out of her coffin and put into the open grave that Asli’s grandfather had purchased for himself.
For as long as I can remember, the idea of death has never affected me. It always occurred to me as the end stage of an older person’s life. Having my young friend die without warning seemed abrupt and unreal because it was unnatural to see someone with such a great future ahead of them cut off from life in the midst of the early stages of life and success. Obviously, life and death were more complicated than I thought.
Because of the emotional impact of losing my friend, I realized the truth that death is real and closer than we think. Death is a natural and inevitable fact of our lives and no one can control it. As a result of this enlightenment and shock, I began searching for the real meaning of life and along with it, the meaning of death. However, I cannot honestly say that I found a complete explanation. The saying “Live Every Day As If It Was Your Last” made a lot more sense to me. I thought, “What would I want to change if I knew I would die soon?” And I came to then realization that my dreams; wishes and beliefs were not guaranteed.
I think that children are blind to the reality of the possibilities of death because their parents orient their children towards leading lives that they think are most re then think that they have many years to achieve success and happiness. These…

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