Essay on Death Attitude Profile Of Death

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The loss of a loved one has never something easy to deal with whether it is expected or not. After taking Wong’s “Death Attitude Profile” I was actually surprised most of my answers were neutral. I don’t fear the thought of dying after all it is something that we will all face sooner or later. The topic of death has been something that has neither scared nor has it ever bothered me. In life we all deal with loss and this comes in many different forms. I have had several different losses in my life, but the two that hurt the most where the loss of a pregnancy due to a car accident and the loss of my grandfather. Both of these losses showed me what true indescribable pain really was. “In the midst of emotional pain, it’s difficult to imagine ever being happy. It’s difficult to see anything positive or hopeful.”(Welshons pg 1)
When we suffer a loss the thought of ever being happy again simply doesn’t cross our minds at the moment. We simply wish the pain would go away never to return but pain and loss are part of life. On July 4, 2010 I was driving back home from a barbeque when my car got hit by a drunk driver. I lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. I hit the tree and I was thankfully alive, but I was stuck in my car which was destroyed. To make matters worse, my water broke and it took over six hours to get me out of the car. I arrived at the hospital only to find out my child didn’t make it. I cried for weeks refused to go outside and isolated myself from my…

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