Dbq : Witch Trials ( Final ) Essay

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DBQ - Witch Trials (final) In the late 15th to the 17th century throughout Europe, the persecution of witches occurred. During this time, the Renaissance was also taking place in Europe. During the Renaissance, there was an increase of education, in contrast to learning, the witchcraft trials grew. Mostly women, who were seen as lower tier in society most likely because of previous views from Aristotle, were accused of witchcraft. Also during this time, religious tensions were rising from the reformation. This contributed to the growing accusation of women performing evil doings. There were three major reasons for the witchcraft trials. Women were being blamed because they were seen as weaker, more imperfect, poor and old. Many used women as scapegoats for the death of children and odd behaviors of women, men and animals. The legal system used torture as their method of prosecution. Legal authorities forced confessions out of people, having them turn against what they would have originally believed. Many often would admit to anything to end the torture.
Women were often accused because they were seen as weaker, imperfect, and thought to worship the Devil. Although, toward the later part of the 17th century, some began to acknowledge they may not be witches. In document 4, Kramer and Sprenger who were two Dominican monks in 1484, claimed that women were “fragile, impressionable, and imperfect.” It is expected that many people would agree with this, seeing how they were…

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