David Owen 's Drama Comedy Silver Linings Playbook Essay

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David Owen Russell directed the 2012 drama-comedy SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. The main character “Pat”, played by Bradley Cooper, is struggling to manage his bipolar disorder. Once released from a psychiatric hospital he must move into his parent’s home. When there he meets Jennifer Lawrence’s recently widowed character Tiffany. The two’s estranged personalities collide in many scenes to create a dynamic and interesting relationship. Mise-en-scene can, in fact, foster and support the theme and message that the director hopes to be taken away by the audience. In the case of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, mise-en-scene develops a theme of self-improvement through the love of someone else. Viewers could successful pick up on the lively, growing bond of the main characters because the set design and lighting within the film is simplistic and can easily go unnoticed. The suburban setting, his parents home, provides natural warmth, which nurtures the relationship between the viewer and characters. In addition to the carefully chosen setting, Russell also chose handheld filming. The use of handheld filming in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK causes shaking shots, unstable just like Bradley Coopers character Pat. Another intricate choice made, involving the camera, was the large use of close up shots, which has many profound effects on the viewer of the film. Many would be unaware of the importance or even use of mise-en-scene in films. Although this is true, when analyzing a film for the use of…

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