Essay on Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Darwin 's theory of evolution is a widely held concept that all life is related through the descent of a common ancestor with modification. It presumes the development of life from non-life and how complex creatures evolve over time from more simplistic ancestors by a process called natural selection. According to Darwin’s observations and inferences, natural selection arises from heritable variations (i.e size, shape, behavior, color) among population members, high fertility rate, differences in survival and reproduction in a given environment, and the accumulation of favorable traits through unequal production from generation to generation. Eventually, these changes in traits, rate of development, mating, and survival variations confer an advantage in the competition for resources. As Darwin observed different species, he deduced that the production of more individuals than the limited resources can support leads to a struggle for existence, with only some offspring surviving in each generation. Only individuals whose traits better enable them to gain food, escape predators, or even tolerate different environmental conditions, will survive and reproduce more successfully, passing these adaptive traits to their offspring. In turn, the offspring possessing these traits produce more offspring each year in comparison to the local resources available, and the competition to gain resources continues to happen throughout. Therefore, over a vast period of time, traits that…

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