Essay on Darkness Overwhelmed The Arena - Original Writing

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Darkness overwhelmed the arena. Out of breath, the cool crisp air rushed across my face as the ice skating routine came to a close. For a moment, silence, followed by loud cheers, praise and applause galore. The lights turned on, beaming periodically directly into my eyes. Squinting, looking for familiar faces, I came across my grandparents. The look of joy on their faces was incredibly comforting, yet I came to the harsh realization that my parents were not with them. Growing up, my parents worked multiple jobs to support our family. We lived in a house without walls in our kitchen, a tub sink to wash dishes in and ate on a strict eating regiment that consisted of macaroni and cheese, Chef Boyardee and other value boxed items. We had multiple blankets on our beds and socks always on our feet as our house was at an all-time high 60 degrees in the winter. Our radiators were filled with only so much oil to last us through the month, so we had to conserve as much as possible. When I wasn 't at my house, I would frequent my grandparents’ home three times a week and every weekend. The experience was a night and day difference. My grandparents lived comfortably, yet always had the means to give me everything and anything I needed. Most importantly, I felt home. The warm aroma of chicken noodle soup, homemade from scratch, greeted me every time I entered the doorway. That and chocolate chip cookies. My grandma loved to bake and felt it absolutely necessary to always…

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