Dante's Inferno: The Seventh Circle Of Hell

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As a finance major, I agree with Dante’s warning or hoarding and squandering wealth. From a more economical point of view, our world consists of two types of people, lenders and borrowers. The economy can only function when the people with money can lend to the people without money. Through this process people with money can be good stewards of their money and help those with less afford things they need, like houses. This whole process is built upon stewardship, justice and love and promotes a virtuous community. Without these practices, the economy will fall, as will all of the virtues built upon it. I also find interesting the way he describes Fortune and how we have no say in who has money and where it gets delegated. I personally …show more content…
Believing anything other than that of common catholic belief should be punished. However, I believe this is too narrow minded. With nearly 7 billion people on earth and only 2 billion of them following Christian belief, surely God would not damn the other 5 billion people to eternal life in Hell. The seventh circle of Hell is divided into three rings. The outer circle is home to murderers, how sink into a river of boiling blood and fire. The inner circle is home to suicides who have been turned into trees and bushed which are fed upon by harpies. The inner circle is home to blasphemers and sodomites who reside in a desert of burning sand and burning rain falling from the sky. As we grow closer to the depths of hell, the sins become more serious and with greater punishment. Starting in this layer Dante finally gets to describing the common views of Hell. He uses these general perceptions of Hell to strongly deter those from such terrible sins. Interesting to note that he considers suicides worse than murders as it is self harm instead of harming someone else. If you yourself do not have a will to live, one cannot be a virtuous person full of the spirit of

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