Essay about Dante 's The Inferno Of Dante

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In the Inferno of Dante, which depicts an allegorical journey through Hell, Dante is guided by Virgil through each canto of sins. As Dante travels through the levels of Hell, parallels between the physical and the spiritual are made. Dante parallels his physical journey into the Inferno with his spiritual journey into the individual. The further Dante travels in Hell is like one getting deeper and lost in his own mind. Desire and lack of the knowledge of truth consumes and destroys us so that we get lost in self and, according to Dante, we stray from God which causes us to lose ourselves, and to get out of such inward focus one must face the truth and become aware of the sins that harm us. As Dante travels deeper into the Inferno, its temperature gets colder. The decrease in temperature is not a coincidence but an analogical parallel between the physical and the spiritual. As one increases the distance between himself and the sun, the colder it gets. So for the Inferno to be getting colder as it gets deeper and farther away from the sun makes sense. But, the sun also represents God and as Dante moves away from the sun he is also moving away from God, who is the source of light, truth, and love. It gets colder because he is straying away from the warmth that God fundamentally provides, just as if one moves away from the sun. As Dante travels deeper, he is actually moving further away from God and closer to Satan. Because Lucifer (Satan) is the antithesis of God who…

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