Essay on Dante And Dante 's Inferno

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The cultural, physical, geographical surroundings of Hell shape and affect Dante Allegri and his psychological and moral trails as a person. From the moment Dante had stepped into Hell he had changed as our surroundings can change who we are. Dante was changed morally and righteously after he had witnessed Hell and what would come for him soon. As the comedy begins, ‘Midway upon the journey of our lives, I had found myself in a forest dark…’ (Dante’s Inferno page 1), Dante is middle-ranged and very conflicted. He was lost, yes, but also lost in what to believe and how he falls upon in this life. After being told by the spirit Virgil that he could come with him and visit the spiritual plains for himself, he believes it to be the only way for him to truly understand how he belongs and what his purpose is. His geographical surroundings are known as Hell and Dante believes for a time that he might never go back up into what he believes was Earth. Dante begins to feel afraid but agrees to trust Virgil to guide him in this unknown place. However he must agree to not succumb to those who are not to be trifled with. As a human-a living human- in Hell he changes his persona in order to survive but also fulfill his thirst for knowledge. Moreover as the comedy goes on, the ‘cultural’ surroundings for Hell begin to change him and how he perceives himself. Before although very smart, educated and talented Dante believes himself to be nothing more than a small lost puppy. He agrees…

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