Essay On Anorexia And Bulimia

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In America today we see all kinds of things pointed towards how we are an overweight country and hundreds if not thousands of ways to remedy that issue. But we are failing to see other just as dangerous thing that are happening to the bodies of people today. Those things are also centered around eating but instead of over eating or eating things that are harmful to us. The thing that is just as harmful is the issue of Anorexia and Bulimia both of which is majority ravaging the bodies of teens and young adults who are in a time where their bodies are already going through changes. In a study released by the British Medical Journal, or BMJ, in 2005 it was found that Bulimia was f in one percent of adolescence and that Anorexia was found in …show more content…
Looking at Anorexia a study done by Pediatrics that shows the difference between girls who have had anorexia and those who have not showed some startling differences and some not so starling, such as the fact that girls with anorexia had a lower body mass index, or BMI, but this was almost fifty percent lower in some cases. Something else was that the age of the girls and the age of their bones were not the same (Misra, et al., 2004). This is also similar to results that the article done by the BMJ that said one of the long term effects of Anorexia on the bones is the early onset of osteopenia or osteoporosis, this is because of the minerals in their bones are not as formed as if they had not had Anorexia, but this is also seen in Bulimia. This could also be used to explain why it is also could lead to short stature as well as growth slowing. (Nicholls & Viner, 2005). IT should be noted as stated earlier people with Bulimia are often in a normal weight range so their BMI is going to be about that of a person without an eating disorder. Another thing that the article by Pediatrics points out what that sixty-four percent of the girls with Anorexia had been hospitalized for treatment of their disorder (Misra, et al.,

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