Dance : The Movement Of Dance Essay

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Dance is related to physics in so many ways. There are so many types of dances to choose from like Jookin, Hip-Hop, Cheerleading, Ballet, and more. It involves so many movements that you really couldn’t think of. Dancing really control a lot of body movement. Dancing is everywhere; it’s actually one of the most popular entertainments.
By it being related to physics because it has different things that I have learned in class to tell you how it related. It also has different concepts also which are center of gravity and balance, friction and glissade. These concepts show the movement of dance. The different small areas on the floor show balance. One of the concepts that I stated was balance which represent the Newton‘s third Law of motion.
When two people are dancing the second person will direct force of equal magnitude on the other person. Sometimes the dancer can experience an angular acceleration towards the ground. It’s basically saying that the dancer will fall to one side. Dance also has concepts of friction and glissade. It involves mechanical and chemical. Each type of surface has its own coefficient of friction. The friction will be multiplied by the vertical force. You will have to increase the friction in dancing by doing Rosin. Friction is very important in dancing because of the coefficient of kinetic friction. When a dancer is in the concept of glissade, which the floor must be able to supply horizontal forces. By just having too much friction may prevent…

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