The Great Gatsby Case Study

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1. Gatsby spent five years working for Dan Cody. What influence did Cody have on him?

Gatsby got inspiration and a desire to do something in life from Dan Cody. Gatsby learned how to make money. He learned significant skills from Dan Cody. His spending a long time with Dan Cody taught him the manners and attitude of a decent, well behaved wealthy person.This can be seen in chapter 6 where Nick says that “gatsby was mate, skipper, secretary, even a jailor for Dan Cody...And it was from Cody that he inherited money...gatsby was left with his singularly appropriate education;the vague contour of Jay Gatsby had filled out to the substantiality of a man.’’ This tells that gatsby got betrayed by dan cody’s mistress and learned a lesson that
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He doesn’t want to include himself in all those people because Tom is an old money man; he doesn’t work for anyone while the famous people like actress are forced to work in order to get money. Tom was born rich although he is a polo player but it is not that polo game which made him rich while the famous people with the new money weren’t born rich. They work to get money. That's the reason why Tom thinks that being rich is better than being famous. Tom believes that old rich people has upper class than the newly famous people while at the same time one could say that Tom thinks that the other people in the party is famous and he is not famous so he doesn’t want Gatsby to introduce him as a polo player. It bothers him and hurts his ego. Tom is …show more content…
When Tom says of Gatsby, “I’d like to know who he is and what he does . . . And I think I’ll make a point of finding out,” Daisy says, “He owned some drug-stores, a lot of drug-stores. He built them up himself” (108). Is this true? Why is Tom so interested in finding out about Gatsby? Why is Daisy interested in defending him?

No this is not true. Daisy is not sure about Gatsby’s business because Gatsby lied to Daisy that he is rich when he first met her before going to war. Tom is so interested in finding about Gatsby because when Tom met Gatsby at party Gatsby told Tom that he know Daisy. So Tom is curious about the relation between Daisy and Gatsby. And Tom wanted to know how did Gatsby get all the money because he thinks that something is wrong with Gatsby. He insulted Gatsby and continuously taunt him by saying that Gatsby will never include in the upper class old money people no matter how much wealth he have. Daisy defend Gatsby because she is having affair with Gatsby and she wants to be with Gatsby not Tom Buchanan. And also she is defending Gatsby because she wants to make a good reputation of Gatsby in front of Tom

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