Daisy Buchan The Golden Girl Essay

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Daisy Buchanan: The Golden Girl Daisy Buchanan is a whirlwind character in The Great Gatsby that represents ultimate wealth and beauty. She seems to be the figure created only by the wild imagination of F. Scott Fitzgerald. In reality, Daisy is based on two of the most influential women in Fitzgerald’s life: Ginevra King and Zelda Fitzgerald. These women are the two great loves of Fitzgerald and play the dominant role in creating Daisy Buchanan. The controversial role of Daisy shows the challenges of a woman in high society along and the complexities that go along with various relationships with the people in her life. Because she is based on real women in Fitzgerald’s life, the story is more compelling and captures the life of Daisy in a different light than leading women in novels are typically seen. In many ways, Daisy is modeled after Fitzgerald’s first love Ginevra and his wife Zelda. He incorporates Zelda’s free-spirit (Bick) and Ginevra’s care-free attitude in the complex character of Daisy Buchanan (Lehan 69). Fitzgerald brought the intensity of his relationship with Ginevra while writing The Great Gatsby and dreaming up the character of Daisy (Lehan 68). She appears in his writing as much as 20 years after their relationship ends in stories such as “Babes in the Woods” and “The Debutante” (Lehan 68). After Ginevra, there was Zelda: a woman that requires proof of Fitzgerald’s success before allowing herself to be with him (Bick). His first successful novel was…

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