CYP core 3.7 Essay

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CYP 3.7

1.1 There are many things that can impact a child’s life but he main three are social, economic and cultural factors. Being in a care system can effect children, it can make them insecure and unable to trust others, as there parents behaviour could be the reason they are in care. It can also change there personalities and make them feel different to a lot of other children. Bereavement and loss is another big issue that can impact a child’s life greatly. Loss can impact and effect everyone and anyone at any age. The children can struggle with the loss and can find it a lot of difficult to understand and accept. The children can also get very confused if the loss changes their life dramatically I.e.; new living
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There is so many reasons why children live in poverty but the main reason is the income and employment of the family or parents. Even with one income a family can still struggle and be in the low income bracket. Single parents most likely always live in poverty as they are the only adult that could earn an income and if they could get to work they would have to pay for childcare and have hours to fit around the child also. The income can have an effect on the child’s good health and life chances. The family income can effect the child depending in what area they were brought up in, the food provided, outings, holidays, clothing, having friends over, access to local facilities etc.

There are certain children that will most likely be living in poverty. These types of children are; no income coming to the household single parents children that are carers children in care young parents parents with mental health problems or an addiction ethnic parents the child is disabled and the parent cant work as they are a full time main carer

There are also factors that cant affect children and their chances to achieve economic well being (which is stated within the ECM- every child matters).
Children that live with a family with a low income are most likely to have poor housing, poor diet, poor health and all of this can lead to stress and/or depression.

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