Cyp 3.7 1.1 Essay

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1.1 A description of the social, economical and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people.

There are many social, economical and cultural factors that impact on the lives of children and young people. In my role as a Young Carer’s Support Worker, I work with a number of families living with the consequences of these factors. Every Child Matters (ECM) aims to improve the outcomes and life chances of every child and young person, therefore, it is important we understand and do all we can to help them achieve the 5 outcomes of the ECM, stay safe, be healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, and, achieve economic well-being.

Personal choice - Some families decide not to live or act in a
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For parents/carers who lose a child or their partner, bereavement can affect the way they cope with day to day life and caring for the remaining children could be more difficult.

Housing and community - Poor, inadequate and cramped housing can have a detrimental affect on a child’s development and physical health. For instance, a house that has a damp problem can cause asthma attacks. Where families live can also impact greatly. Communities with high acts of crime and anti-social behaviour can make the family feel isolated out of fear and, parents unwilling to let their children play and explore outside because they don’t feel safe.

Health status of self or family member - Children and young people that have ill health can spend a great amount of time in hospital or attending hospital appointments. Time missed from schooling can impact on a child’s education and development, physically, emotionally and socially. For instance asthma can affect a child’s physical ability and stamina during P.E. and they may need time out to rest and take medication. Physical disorders that involve the brain, for example Epilepsy and cerebral palsy, are likely to cause emotional and behavioural problems. A child’s medication may have side effects like drowsiness and

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