Cybercrime Is An Essential Part Of People 's Lives Essay

1017 Words Jan 20th, 2016 null Page
Modern technology is an essential part of people’s lives which has enabled that, almost any crime is now capable of involving modern technology. The crime could happen in its commission through email or social media messages between conspirators, using technology itself to commit the offence, and take crime scene picture after an assault. Cybercrime remains a major concern for the whole globe. Establishment, growth, and use of information and communication technologies have been accompanied by an increase in criminal activities. Internet is progressively used as a tool of organized crime. Cybercrime is apparently form of international crime that has been affected by the revolution globally in Informational Communication and Technology.
Digital crime, Terrorism, and/or Attacks
Formerly, cybercrimes were committed by individual or groups with no decent organization, whereas currently, organized crime structures and highly trained professionals are deeply involved in this profitable criminal activity. Cybercrime is criminal activities on the internet such as identity theft and bank fraud (Durbin, 2012). Cyberterrorism is a cyberattack using or exploiting computer or communicating networks to cause sufficient destruction to create fear or intimidate a society in an ideological objective. Therefore, any criminal act committed through computers resulting in violence, death and destruction, and creating terror for the purpose of coercing a government to change…

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