Cyberbullying Today 's Global Society Essay

859 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
How significant of an issue is Cyberbullying in today’s global society? Cyberbullying has been somewhat of a trending topic in certain circles, the past few years, especially in educational ones. Though discussion of the topic has died down in the past few years, it seems unlikely that Cyberbullying (CB) simply disappeared. With that reasoning, some questions need to be answered. Is CB still prevalent? If so, is there anything being done about it? Are measures being taken enough? In order to answer any of these questions, we must first Define what Cyberbullying is. Per, The definition of the verb Cyberbully is to bully online by sending or posting mean, hurtful, or intimidating messages, usually anonymously. In nations without information control, the Internet cares little for borders, and as such, Cyberbullying has become an international issue. The US, UK, and Australia have designated Government websites dedicated to Bullying and Cyberbullying resources. The mere existence of these resources, each bearing cases of bullying and methods of how to handle being bullied, are evidence that this is a continually prevalent issue in these countries, and those are merely some examples within the anglosphere. Cross Cultural studies between Canada and China have found that online bullying is remarkably similar regardless of culture or national borders. The Cyberbullying Research Center has compiled cases studying Cyberbullying from nations all over the globe,…

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