Cyber Terrorism : An Intentional Act Essay

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Cyber Terrorism refers to an unlawful act perpetrated by the use of computers and telecommunications capabilities, leading to violence, destruction of property and interference with services. The action creates fear by causing unrest and uncertainty within a given group of people. Such acts are often conducted with one primary goal to influence the government to be conventional to a particular political, social, and ideological agenda. This paper understands terrorism as an intentional act, done with the knowledge of information technology so as to incite terror in a country or a given population in a country. The major goal of cyber terrorism is to create large-scale destruction, murder, and even infringement of rights. There are three key points in which this paper is laid out, means by which the Internet is used for terrorist purposes, pertinent issues relative to cyber terrorism with security and privacy information, and good intelligence.
Cyber Terrorism
The use of the Internet for terrorist activities is a rapidly growing phenomenon, requiring a proactive and well-coordinated response from nations. The threat posed by terrorists through the use of the Internet, but that has not helped in coming up with a universal instrument specifically addressing the pervasive terrorist activity. Terrorism, in all its manifestations, affects everybody despite the religion or race. Cyber terrorism disregards national borders, amplifying the potential impact on victims. Urgent…

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