Cyber Terrorism : A Global Threat Right From Its Initial Stages?

1484 Words Apr 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Terrorism is the most popular headline in Media in the present situation. From past few decades’ world’s leading countries have been attacked by terrorist groups. Cyber terrorism is an act of terrorism used by many terrorist groups in order to steal highly classified from opponent countries or disrupt countries operations like nuclear generation, gas supplies etc. Cyber Terrorism is also known to be a way leading countries could show their dominance on other enemy countries. Cyber terrorism became a global threat right from its initial stages. One of the first attacks of cyber terrorism was in the early 1980s during the phase of the cold war, where CIA implemented a backdoor virus which is commonly referred as “Logic Bomb” in the Siberian pipelines. The Siberian Pipeline were controlled by software which controls the pump speeds, pressure, and everything. The Logic Bomb made the software to run the pump speeds above the threshold of pipes and caused the explosion (Logic Bomb). Even though the logic bomb used in the Siberian pipeline explosion ended the cold war, the terrorist groups are using these methods in order to effect the enemy countries. After Siberian explosion, many events like Canadian government hack, Stuxnet , opi Israel ,operation aurora were most disruptive cyber attacks on countries caused either by terrorist group or enemy countries and after the effects of all the events many countries consider cyber security the greatest threat in case of national security…

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