Curriculum Reflection As A Student And Second Year Special Education

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Curriculum Reflection

As a student and second year Special Education teacher at Keystone Central School District, my knowledge and experience with curriculum is minimal, yet valuable. While student teaching, I have also had the opportunity to experience teaching in two different districts that have curriculums that are followed rigorously. From these two differing experiences in my life, I have formed several personal views on how curriculum does not affect high quality instruction, as well as the pros and cons of curriculum. Growing up and teaching in the Keystone Central School District has been quite the learning adventure. In my district, learning has been individualized, exciting, and engaging. As far back as an elementary student, I can remember teachers always having the freedom to creatively supplement instruction. Textbooks did not have to be followed meticulously. Math and reading activities were not completed daily in a workbook, but rather in centers, where we were engaged in hands-on activities.
However, what I was learning in third grade may have been different than what my cousin was learning in the other third grade class. At times, this was problematic for parents and future teachers. Parents would be upset that their child was not learning or never learned the content taught by the other teacher. Future teachers would get a mixed group of students that may have already learned their multiplication facts or may not have even been exposed to the facts…

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