Culture 's Effect in Jordan's Economy Essay

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Business organisations and their environments: Culture


Ali Mohammed Mahmud Alyounis

Business Management


In very broad terms, ‘culture’ refers to the prevailing norms and values which guide the way people behave in a society or in an organisation. Culture at the level of an organisation is referred to as organisational culture, and culture at the level of a society is referred to as national culture.

Organisational culture refers to an organisation's own values, beliefs and learned ways of doing business. This is reflected in its structure and in the people who work in the organisation. The culture of an organisation is derived from its
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Different layers of culture exist at the following levels:

The national level: Associated with the nation as a whole.
The regional level: Associated with ethnic, linguistic, or religious differences that exist within a nation.
The gender level: Associated with gender differences (female vs. male)
The generation level: Associated with the differences between grandparents and parents, parents and children.
The social class level: Associated with educational opportunities and differences in occupation.
The corporate level: Associated with the particular culture of an organization. Applicable to those who are employed.

Some countries may share many attributes that help mold their cultures (the modifiers may be language, religion, geographical location, etc.). Based on this data obtained from past cross-cultural studies, countries may be grouped by similarities in values and attitudes. Fewer differences may be expected when moving within a cluster than when moving from one cluster to another.

All enterprises operating globally need not have the same degree of cultural awareness. The next figure illustrates extent to which a company needs to understand global cultures at different levels of involvement. The further a company moves out from the sole role of doing domestic business, the more it needs to understand cultural differences. Moving outward on more than

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