Culture Of Building A Family Structure Essay

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Culture in Building a Family Structure
In each country, each individual has different values, traditions, beliefs, social habits, expectations and customs by which he or she was raised. Based on perceptions of Vietnamese fathers’ acculturation levels, parenting styles is most Asian countries use an authoritarian to teach their children. “The father in the household family has the most power and sets up the family rules”. In contrast to other Vietnamese people, my father’s style is authoritative, and my mother’s style is permissive. Both my parent’s lifestyles have influenced my life development. I learned from my parents’ knowledge, values, beliefs, expectations and it passed on to me to present time until I am married and have children.
I was born in Vietnam. I am the youngest child in my family. My parents are pastors. I learned and developed from my father’s authoritative parenting of values and beliefs. In our family, the value system is based on four basic principles. For example, my father taught my siblings and myself to be respectful, responsible, obedient, and honest, love each other, as well as to be a good listener to what the elders say. Furthermore, our family is Christian. We believe in God, so my parents taught us to follow God’s commandments such as, we shall not worship other gods before our God, and we shall not make any image or statue from“ anything in heaven or onthe earth beneath or in the water below” and worship them.
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