Essay on Culture, Knowledge, And Human Rights

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With the loss of indigenous people across the world, there is so much more than just their cultures and language that the world would lose. The people of the world should try at all costs to preserve the indigenous cultures globally, at all costs. It is important to do so because of all the culture, knowledge and human rights which would be forever buried with the death of the indigenous world.
To begin, the culture across the indigenous people is tremendously different than those in the typical world. They have so much that could be lost is the world does not try to preserve them, including art, language and religion. Firstly, art is a huge part of culture in indigenous people, and if it was lost, all the stories behind it would disappear with it. Some of the oldest indigenous people were from between 10,000 B.C. and 1492 C.E., which means that their art was created thousands of years ago. Art can be used to document life and cultures as well as to tell stories. If all the art from indigenous cultures is lost with them, their stories will never be able to be told, and future generations will never know all the culture and history they have. Secondly, language has a great impact on culture; a certain language gives a country character, as well as an identity. If nothing is done to preserve indigenous languages, it is estimated that 6,000 or more will be dead by the end of this century (UNESCO, Endangered Languages Programme). Anthropologists and linguists have said that…

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