Culture And Values : A Survey Of The Humanities Essay examples

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For three horrifying years between 1348 to 1350 the Black Death pushed medieval men to the brink of an apocalypse. The living expected only death. In addition, the graveyards were choked with corpses. During this time, the world was filled with horror, and seemingly abandoned by God. From Italy to Ireland, half of the population died, which was about 20 million people. In this medieval time, the medicine failed the sick and violent and macabre religious cults appeared. In Italy, during the autumn of 1347, a horrifying and mysterious disease arrived to the city. It was first seen on some sailors coming from the Black Sea in the east. According to the book “Culture & Values: A survey of the Humanities” by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, and Louis Fichner-Rathus, “Analysis of genetic material from victims suggested that the plague began in China and traveled westward along the Silk Road, carried into Europe by fleas on black rats that were regular stowaways on merchant vessels” (341). This disease became known as The Black Death.
A lawyer named Gabriel De Mussis recorded the arrival of the disease. Italy was the front line of the epidemic. People became sick with a flu like fever and began vomiting. Also, the swelling formed a painful bubo in their necks, armpits, and groin. There was not known cure, but many doctors tried their best. Gentile da Foligno, chief physician at the University of Bologna, was among those doctors. He advised people to eat lettuce and to…

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