Essay on Culture And Loss Of Life And Liberty

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Beginning in the Early Modern Era, European explorers discovered North America and began conquering it. The civilizations that already inhabited the continent had their own culture and government that rivaled that of the Europeans. During the following years when Europeans traveled to the continent, cultural exchanges took place between the “New World” and “Old World” that was called the Colombian Exchange. This was the cause of the loss of culture and loss of life and liberty that the native people of the continent experienced due to the fact that Europeans viewed them as inferior and due to their genetic differences. At the same time this was the cause of the increase in wealth and power for the Europeans since this land was not ruled yet by a powerful country. As shown in documents 2, 5, 6, and 8, the native people of North America, upon the arrival of the Europeans, suffered a great deal of loss of life and liberty that was caused by genetic differences as well as a belief of one people being superior to another. As soon as the explorers arrived, a massive spread of infection occurred that resulted in the death of an astonishing number of Native Americans. Very few of these people had a natural resistance to measles and small pox. This great loss in population allowed Europeans to easily conquer them since they would be prioritizing the goal of surviving, and not organizing an army to deter the invaders (Doc 2 and 8). A large drop in numbers occurred from the years…

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