Culture And Culture In Percy's The Loss Of The Creature

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The other day when I was with one of my cousins, who might be 12 or 13 right now saying that he doesn’t believe that there is a God or the universe is created by one God. His aspects were quite shocking to me belonging to a religious culture. Being a Muslim, I expected that a Muslim child to also believe that there is one God that had created this universe and is the most omnipotent. He is not visible, but he does subsist. Consequently, the following conclusion which I made out of this incident was either he is getting these ideas from school or his school mates which is according to me, engulfing a different culture or his parents are not bringing up his beliefs in strong way or has no idea of how other cultures are influencing him. So seeing …show more content…
Children think would they ever alter the culture even if it was for the betterment of them? Most parents just want children to obey their traditions just for mere to show off to the other members how obedient their child is towards culture. Just like Percy says in “The Loss of the Creature” that “During the dance, the couple do not watch the goings-on; instead they watch the ethnologist! Their highest hope is that their friend should find the dance interesting” (303). Percy tells in way according to my essay that how parents are now just concerned about others. What others think? What others see? What does others talk? Especially when it comes in my brown family it is all about parents want to know what the world thinks about their children. There is no point in life where they would be concern to what we think. We can go to parties, world will think they don’t belong from a respectable family. We can’t live independently, the world will think the children have officially cut off from their parents and turned out to double-cross them. And the list is never ending which stops us from doing what we could do bringing out something good out of

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