Women In Speech By Susan Bordo, Fairy Tales And Gender Stereotypes

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Human culture is filled with adversity that everyone has to face. Women make up half of the population and In every country there are women who face injustices they struggle with. I have read a few articles about issues that women have dealt with. They come from different time periods and cultural backgrounds, but they still face the same issues that women face to this day. The pieces I read were "The Empire of Images in Our World of Bodies" an articale by Susan Bordo, "Ain 't I a Women" a speech by Sojourner Truth and "Fairy Tales and Gender Stereotypes" A Students Blog by Samara Green. These women make valid points about the struggles that society places on women, but the one that speaks to me in a most profound way was "Why I (Still) Want a Wife" by Judy Brady. The reason I passed up these other works was because some of them went into great detail and I would have had too much to work with and on the other hand I felt that Sojourner 's speech while valid had too little to work with. I also felt that Green 's essay left too much of herself out of her blog and there was no correlation with herself and the issues she discussed. When I read Brady 's essay it was as if she was taking her finger and poking my chest each time she made a point. She …show more content…
Brady mentions that she wants a wife that will be faithful to tend to her sexual needs, but at the same time she doesn 't want to be responsible for the same. Furthermore she says that if she finds a better wife to replace her existing wife that she must be okay with that. I see this in our culture today that finds both men and women guilty of this characteristic that I don’t think Brady wished for. She then finishes her essay with "My god, who wouldn’t want a wife?" I think with all the criteria she mentions prior to this, she is absolutely correct, but no one will never find a person who fills out those requirements and I believe that is her

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