Cultural Relativism Vs. Ethnocentrism Essay examples

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The US is on target to become one of the most diverse nations in the world, with a projection of minorities making up 57% of the population by 2060. (Loftin, Hartin, Branson, and Reyes, 2013, page 10) This astounding number leaves many questions for culturally competent health care. A group effort will need to be made between clinicians, continuing to educate themselves, and patients, advocating for their cultural needs. Often these tasks are much easier said than done. Cultural relativism versus ethnocentrism continues to challenge personalized health care because cultural competence is achieved by a lifelong commitment to cultural education including awareness, desire, encounters, knowledge, and skill among workers that are often crunched for time and exposed to cultural challenges on an ongoing basis.
Cultural Relativism vs. Ethnocentrism
Cultural relativism is the belief that other people and their ways of doing things can be understood only regarding the cultural context of those other people. (McIntyre, 2014) In other words, diversity of cultures is not considered right and wrong or good and bad. Understanding that all cultures have their customs, rights, are of equal value, and deserve a say in their care is a critical part of our health care system. There is no universal moral code; issues considered moral in one society could be immoral in another. For instance celebrating Santa Clause or cannibalism in some African villages,…

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