Cultural Relativism Over Individual Relativism Essays

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Overwhelming, sometimes startling, questions posed in class encourage us think beyond the box and push ourselves further to examine the ethical issues of a variety of topics. During the first official class of the semester, we were thrown a curveball with questions like “is it wrong to have sex with a dead chicken?” or “is it wrong to have sex with your siblings?” The class discussion, an endless back and forth between students debating the ethicality of these subjects, pointed to how our ethical decisions are based on how we were raised. From a young age, authoritative figures, whether it is our parents or teachers, aimed to shape our morality by teaching us what society deems to be right and wrong. I find this particular interesting because it aligns with the concept of cultural relativism mentioned in one of earlier readings, which suggests that we are morally grounded by society. By instilling a particular set of values and beliefs within us, these authoritative figures have placed more emphasis on cultural relativism over individual relativism. This helps explain why I, along with other students in the class, quickly point to societal norms when answering these ethical questions. Our minds have been trained to think in terms of what is societally acceptable but this class is encouraging us to “break free” and think for ourselves.
In a course revolving around class discussion, it’s inevitable to jump from topic to topic and occasionally be unable to elaborate on certain…

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