Cultural Meaning Of Sport : Why Is It Important? Essay

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Cultural Meaning of Sport: Why is it important to society?
How is it that sports pose such an impact to modern global society, to the point that it binds the most diverse and dissimilar cultures together? Sports provide one of the most common forms of entertainment in a way that they abstract individuals from their ordinary daily routine, whether one behaves as a passive spectator or an active participant. However, argue Frey and Eitzen, “structure or forms of behavior and interaction found in sport settings are similar to those found in other societal settings” (Frey and Eitzen 1991, 504). Even though the environment around sports juxtaposes with that of the office or workplace, they both feature underlying patterns of interaction among individuals: “group dynamics, goal attainment by social organization and socialization” among other conducts (Frey and Eitzen 1991, 504). Nonetheless, the attractive feature of sports is the nuanced environment it generates between rational social codes and irrational emotions:
“No other institution, except perhaps religion, commands the mystique, the nostalgia, the romantic ideational cultural fixation that sport does. No other activity so paradoxically combines the serious with the frivolous, playfulness with intensity and the ideological with the structural” (Frey and Eitzen 1991, 504)
The setting of sports can be valued as the setting that illustrates almost to perfection the whole picture of human nature, where the logical and…

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