Cultural Issues Of Women And Women Essay

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Cultural Issues
One of the main students portrayed in Mrs. Gruwell’s class was Ava. Ava was a Latina young lady that the movie opened up telling about. The first scene consisted of Ava talking about Latina women. She described Latina women as not being beauty queens who had to stand up for the Latino culture by protecting themselves. It was interesting to hear the perspective of Latina woman not being known for their physical appearance, but for their physical strength. Ava showed that Latinos protected themselves and their families. Ava’s way of protection was by joining a gang. The 90s was an enormous era for gang activity. It seemed as gangs continued to increase across the United States in that period of time. Gang members tended to be a majority of ethnic groups. Gangs were a representation of family to some youth that did not have family. Gangs also were passed on from generation to generation, if your family was involved in a gang then eventually you would be too. Ava was a part of the generational curse and became a gang member because her father was a very prominent member. When Ava joined the gang she had to learn the code of being in a gang. Ava was intentionally beaten into a gang and the only way out of the gang was to be beaten again or die. Gang members were beaten as initiation. This initiation was to ensure that those entering would understand the crucial consequences involved with being a member. Also, it was important for members to…

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